Quicken Loans Reviews. Waste of Time, they dont usage RSU

Quicken Loans Reviews. Waste of Time, they dont usage RSU

Company got me personally through every thing after which said RSU may not be utilized as payment? Funny since all FANG organizations utilize RSU and Amazon even states RSU are included in the comission procedure and therefore are to be addressed as payment. Dont waste your own time with Quicken Loans if you should be in tech or FANG.

I need to agree with all the current other bad…

I must concur while using the other bad reviews about Quicken Loans, I called them and was in advance with them and told them that I experienced a bankruptcy to my record within the past 12 months and therefore I didn’t would like them to test my credit and place a ding on because I happened to be attempting to rebuild it. They then proceeded to get it done anyways also though they understand the procedure and so they realize that we cannot get assistance with different programs for loan support for down payment having a bankruptcy in the last year so just why would they also always check my credit and put it in about it and proceed through all that if they knew I became perhaps not likely to be authorized anyways. Usually do not submit any info to the business, they’ll ding your credit simply since they want the amount of money

Bad experience with Ben Grover

Bad experience with Ben Grover. Seems like there are lots of fake reviews

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